Coloring Bach

Adam Whittier

BWV 61

For my coloring book page, I chose to do a representational interpretation of BWV 61. Specifically, I decided to illustrate Recitative B, which reads:

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. Anyone that

hears my voice and opens the door, to him I will enter

and keep the evening meal with him and he with me.

I like this recitative because it embodies the welcoming spirit of Advent, when BWV 61 is typically performed. To further emphasize the Advent season, I set my illustration in the winter, with the ice and darkness outside contrasted by the warmth and light within. As a nod to the cantata’s German origin (and to make the illustration more fun for children), I chose as characters two animals common to the German countryside: a wild boar and a European badger.

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BWV 61