Coloring Bach

Ezra DeLong

BWV 130

When I read BWV 130 I saw a lyric that inspired my final art piece for Emmanuel music. 

The lyric was “the old dragon burns with envy and constantly scripts new sorrows with which he can divide the flock he gladly subverts what is god’s quickly using trickery since he knows no rest or peace”.

This stuck out to me for a few reasons, one i’ve never seen the devil depicted as a dragon compared to being seen as a goat like figure, this is a different change of pace which made me go for a dragon-goat like look. The dragon is my favorite part of this piece, making this look like a fairytale in a very charming way, to show how trickery and sorrow can divide us between the people we love, without a religious context to be used.

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BWV 130