Maurizio A Fiore Salas

Production & Livestream Manager

Maurizio Fiore Salas is an accomplished Guitarist, Venezuelan Cuatro  player, Arranger and Composer that currently resides in Cambridge,  Massachusetts.  

Throughout his career, he has worked in many genres such as  Venezuelan folk, Argentinian folk, boleros, tangos, Afro-Cuban, Afro Peruvian, Brazilian, among others.  

Fiore Salas is part of a global movement of musicians that actively  work towards combining elements of traditional music with elements of  contemporary jazz, in an effort to create a new world where the past  meets the present, and they both help each other in reaching for the  future.  

Fiore Salas is an alumni of Berklee College of Music with a bachelor’s  degree in Jazz Composition. He is currently pursuing a master's  degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music at Longy School of Music.  

Fiore Salas is a scholarship recipient of Latin Grammy Cultural  Foundation and Cherubini Scholarship. 

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