Tu solus qui facis mirabilia,
Tu solus Creator, qui creasti nos,
Tu solus Redemptor, qui redemisti nos
sanguine tuo pretiosissimo.
You alone can do wonders,
You alone are the Creator, and created us;
You alone are the Redeemer, and redeemed us
With your most precious blood.
Ad te solum confugimus,
in te solum confidimus
nec alium adoramus,
Jesu Christe.
In you alone we find refuge,
In you alone we trust,
None other do we worship,
Jesus Christ.
Ad te preces effundimus
exaudi quod supplicamus,
et concede quod petimus,
Rex benigne.
To you we pour out our prayers,
Hear our supplication, and grant us our request,
O King of kindness!
D'ung aultre amer,
Nobis esset fallacia:
Magna esset stultitia
et peccatum.
To love another
would be deceitful;
To love another
would be great madness and sin.
Audi nostra suspiria,
Replenos tua gratia,
O rex regum,
Ut ad tua servitia
Sistamus cum laetitia
in aeternum.
Hear our sighing,
fill us with your grace,
O King of kings!
So we may remain in your service
With joy for ever.
© Mick Swithinbank