Harbison: Ave Verum Corpus

Harbison: Beloved, Let us Love One Another

Harbison: Charity Never Faileth

Harbison: Chorale Cantata

Harbison: Communion Words

Harbison: Concerning Them Which are Asleep

Harbison: Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Harbison: My Little Children

Harbison: Nativity Poem

Harbison: O Magnum Mysterium I

Harbison: O Magnum Mysterium II

Harbison: O sacrum convivium

Harbison: Pietá

Harbison: Sleepers, Wake

December 5, 2021

Harbison: Supper at Emmaus (2014)

Harbison: We do not live to ourselves

Harbison: Wherefore I Put Thee In Remembrance