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Annual Report 2021 - 2022

Emmanuel Music is your place to discover and take a deep dive into some of the most transcendent and enduring music ever written. Whether you’re a first-time listener, a musician, or a scholar, Emmanuel Music offers meaningful opportunities to engage with the works of Bach and composers he inspired.

Pre-Concert Family Event

December 18, 2022 | 1:30-2:30pm | Lindsay Chapel

Join us for a festive hour of Christmas carols, Christmas stories from around the world, and milk and cookies! Feel free to stop in at any time, or to drop off your kids here and listen to the lecture in Parish Hall.

Pre-Concert Lecture

December 18, 2022 | 2:00-2:30pm | Parish Hall

Join us for a lecture in Parish Hall given by scholar and Brandeis professor Robert Marshall where he explores the genesis of Bach's Christmas Oratorio, whether it is in fact one work or six separate works, and where this music fits in the composer's artistic development.

The Cantata Experience

"Every emotion is laid bare and dissected, and the painful paradoxes of being human are brought to vivid life.”

Ways to Engage

The Cantata Experience

"Every emotion is laid bare and dissected, and the painful paradoxes of being human are brought to vivid life."

If you're new to cantatas, start here.

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The Bach Institute

Season-long programming dedicated to performing and discussing the music of Bach. Apply to our Bach Institute May Intensive, sign up for a cantata discussion course, or join us for an open rehearsal.

Bach Institute Events

Bach for You

We believe in the power of connection and introspection through music. If you're looking for a moving, personal experience with one of our musicians, join us for Musical Sanctuary on Thursdays 11.00am-1.00pm throughout the season or sign up for a Musical Conversation.

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The Bach Institute

The Bach Institute, now stretched across the entire performance season, is designed to be open and inclusive, providing access to learning about Bach's music and engaging in participatory activities designed for music professionals, aficionados, amateurs, and the public.

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Bach For You

Bach wrote some of the most sublime music, but that doesn't mean you should only observe it from a distance, on a pedestal. Here are some opportunities for self reflection and personal connection through the music of our favorite composer and those he inspired.

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notes & Translations

BachLab Podcast

Come along with host Claudia Dorian as she holds conversations with our passionate community of musicians and thinkers, creating an engaging new way to connect to Bach at any level.


Our volunteer opportunities are very flexible. You can volunteer with us on an occasional or regular basis, and we can put you where you are most comfort able and or interested in learning more.