One of my favorite things about Bach has always been the effects he is able to generate in orchestration without needing to be overly elaborate in his instrumentation. He is a master of musical elements and he understood perfectly how to generate interest, tension, and paint the ensemble in an infinite array of colors. Every one of his cantatas is a perfect example of his complete understanding of music and art. One of my favorite moments of BWV 8 is the sharp contrast between the opening chorale and the tenor aria. While the chorale gives me an immediate sense of belonging, of home, of things aligning and existing in their righteous place, Bach immediately moves to counterpoint between the voice and the oboe, which exist in perfect equilibrium with one another but also generate a constant sense of movement—pushing forward—in the music. This dominance of musical elements and the sheer mastery of orchestration Bach exhibits in his cantatas is the reason why I love them so much, and why I always come back to listen and discover new things about them. Thanks to Emmanuel Music, they are now ever present in my life!

Maurizio Fiore Salas
Production & Livestream Manager