John Dilworth’s first experience as an organist came as a teenager, playing hymns at his tiny home parish church in Clonoe, Northern Ireland.

He moved to England for a gap year as organ scholar at Chichester Cathedral, before taking up another organ scholarship at Magdalene College, Cambridge, where he led a choir of 20 students during study for a Bachelor’s degree in Music.

He has also worked as organist at St Philip’s Church, Camberwell (South London), while studying for a Masters’ degree at King’s College London, and occasionally at the Episcopal Chaplaincy at Harvard, where he received his PhD in Historical Musicology. His dissertation explores oratorio culture in nineteenth-century England, with a focus on print media and ideas of musical knowledge.

He also currently volunteers at The Bike Connector in Lowell, which provides local youth and in-need individuals with bikes, and the tools and training to fix those bikes. He lives in Concord MA, where he enjoys going for long walks in the woods, and cooking extravagant meals with locally grown vegetables.

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