January 5-17, 2022

The Bach Institute seeks to share the deep knowledge and experience of the Emmanuel Music ensemble in performing the sacred cantatas of J.S. Bach. Drawing on fifty years of practical experience offering these profound works in a worship context, we bring a unique perspective on the communicative power and timeless relevance of this music, as well as insights into technique, interpretation, and pacing.

Schedule of Public Events

January 8, 2022

11.30am Cantata Open Rehearsal: John Harbison conducts BWV 154
1.00pm Conversation: John Harbison discusses BWV 154
7.00pm Conversation: Simone Dinnerstein & Ryan Turner

January 9, 2022

10.00am Cantata BWV 154, John Harbison conducting

January 10, 2022

7.00pm Master Class: Michael Beattie & Pamela Dellal, Recitative in Bach Cantatas—performance and analysis

January 12, 2022

7.00pm Conversation: Rev. Pamela Werntz & Pamela Dellal, Decoding scripture, meaning and translation in Bach

January 13, 2022

7.00pm Conversation: Christoph Wolff & Ryan Turner, Bach Cantatas and Bach Scholarship

January 15, 2022

11.30am Cantata Open Rehearsal: Ryan Turner Conducts BWV 3

January 16, 2022

10.00am Cantata BWV 3, Ryan Turner conducting
12.00pm Conversation: Ryan Turner & Pamela Dellal discuss BWV 3
7.00pm Showcase Concert

January 17, 2022

7.00pm Showcase Concert (snow date)

Emmanuel Music gratefully acknowledges the generous leadership support for the Bach Institute provided by Drs. Peter Libby & Beryl Benacerraf.