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Listen in on the “living laboratory for the music of J.S. Bach” with BachLab, the podcast from Emmanuel Music.
Come along with host Claudia Dorian as she holds conversations with our passionate community of musicians and thinkers, creating an engaging new way to connect to Bach at any level.
Whether you are interested in the intricacies of Bach’s libretti or just want to know “What is a cantata?” BachLab brings an approachable attitude and exploratory lens to conversations about Bach and ultimately our shared human experience.

Recent Episodes

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About the Host - Claudia Dorian

After witnessing the depth of knowledge and passion at Emmanuel Music during her Spring 2022 internship, Claudia knew that a podcast would be an exciting new medium to share this special community outward.

She brings deep curiosity, a background in violin performance, and experience with audio productions to this project. Claudia loves to think and talk about Bach, and hopes that this podcast can introduce anyone to the joys and complexities of this music.

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Episodes Notes and Examples

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In the episode “Service Music and Specificity with John Harbison”, John shares some examples of his service music from over the years. Follow along with the episode (timestamps in parenthesis) to hear the ideas behind these works and why they were or were not successful.
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