Verbum patris umanatur, o, o,
dum puella salutatur, o,o;
salutata fecundatur,
viri nescia.
Eya, nova gaudia!

Novus modus geniture, o.o,
sed excedens ius nature, o.o.
dumunitur creature
creans omnia.
Eya, nova gaudia!

In parente salvatoris, o, o,
non est parens nostri moris, o, o,
virgo parit nec pudoris,
marcent lilia.
Eya, nova gaudia!

Audi partum preter morem, o,o:
virgo parit salvatorem, o, o,
creatura creatorem,
patrem filia.
Eya, nova gaudia!

Homo deus nobis datur, o, o,
datus nobis demonstratur, p, p,,
dum pax terris nunciatur,
celis gloria.
Eya, nova gaudia!

The Father's Word is made human, o, o,
as the girl is greeted, o, o;
greeted, she is made fecund,
knowing no man.
Hurrah, such are the new joys!

A new mode of begetting, o, o,
yet surpassing nature's right, o, o,
when the all-creator is united
to the creature.
Hurrah, such are the new joys!

The begetting of our Savior, o, o,
is not a begetting after our fashion, o, o;
the maiden gives birth, but the lilies
of her innocence don't fade.
Hurrah, such are the new joys!

Hear of a child-bearing unparalleled, o, o:
the maiden gives birth to the Savior, o, o,
the creature to the Creator,
the daughter to her Father.
Hurrah, such are the new joys!

Man and God he is given to us, o, o,
given, he is shown to us, o, o,
while peace is heralded on earth,
glory in heaven.
Hurrah, such are the new joys!

Aquitanian polyphony, 12th century

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