Heinrich Schütz

Soprano I, II

Bone Jesu, verbum Patris,
splendor paternae gloriae,
in quem desiderant angeli prospicere,
doce me facere voluntatem tuam,
ut a spiritu tuo bono deductus
ad beatam illam perveniam civitatem,
ubi est dies aeternus et unus omnium spiritus,
ubi est certa securitas et secura aeternitas
et aeterna tranquillitas, et tranquilla felicitas,
et felix suavitas, et secura jucunditas,
ubi tu Deus cum Patre et Spiriti Sancto
vivis et regnas per infinita seculorum secula, Amen.

O good Jesus, Word of the Father,
splendor of the Father's glory,
on whom the angels long to gaze,
teach me to do your will,
so that, led by your kind spirit
I might aspire to your blessed city,
where there is everlasting day and one spirit for all,
where there is certain assurance and an assured eternity,
and eternal peace and peaceful happiness,
and happy sweetness, and certain delight,
where you, God, with the Father and the Holy Spirit
lives and reigns through infinite ages of ages, Amen.

Augustine: Meditations

©Pamela Dellal

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