Heinrich Schütz

O bone, o dulcis, o benigne Jesu,
te deprecor per illum tuum sanguinem pretiosum,
quem pro nobis miseris
effundere dignatus es in ara crucis:
ut abjicias omnes iniquitates meas.
Et ne despicias humiliter te petentem,
et hoc nomen tuum sanctissimum:
JESUS invocantem.

O good, O sweet, O kind Jesus,
I beseech you, by that your precious blood,
Which for us wretches
You deigned to shed upon the altar of the Cross;
That you drive away all of my iniquitiy.
And that you do not despise the humble one who prays to you,
and calls you by this your most blessed name:

Bernard of Clairvaux(?)

©Pamela Dellal

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