Heinrich Schütz

I. Aspice, pater ,piisimum filium,
pro me tam impia passum.
Respice, clementissime rex,
quis patitur, et reminiscere benignus.

I.  Consider, Father, your most pious son
who suffered such evil for my sake.
Regard, most merciful King,
he who suffered, and be gracious in remembrance.

II.  Nonne hic est, mi domine,
innocens ille,
quem ut servum redimeres,
filium tradidisti?

II.  Is not this, my Lord,
the same innocent one
who died as a slave,
yet was the child you gave?

III.  Reduc, domine deus meus,
oculos maiestatis tuae
super opus ineffabilis pietatis;
intuere dulcem natum,
toto, toto corpore extensum,
cerne manus inoxias
pio nanantes sanguine,
et remitte placatus scelera,
quae patrarunt manus meae.

III.  Turn again, O Lord my God,
your majestic eyes
upon this ineffable pious work;
contemplate that sweet newborn
whose whole body was stretched out on the Cross,
perceive that innocent hand
piously flowing with blood,
and render appeasement for the crime
which my hands have committed.

©Pamela Dellal

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