St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244

with St. Paul's Choir School

Streaming on-demand through April 22, 2024

Ryan Turner, conductor

David McFerrin, Jesus

Jonas Budris, Evangelist

Emmanuel Music presents Bach’s towering masterpiece, considered by some to be the greatest achievement in Western music: the St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244. Profoundly beautiful, dramatic, and compelling, the St. Matthew Passion expresses our human condition and our capacity for hate, love, and transcendence like no other work.

“Where has your beloved gone?”

A conversation on Bach’s St. Matthew Passion
Sunday, March 17, 12:15 pm
Emmanuel Church Sanctuary
Pamela Dellal, Bach Institute Director;
Ryan Turner, Artistic Director, Emmanuel Music;
the Rev. Pamela Werntz, Rector of Emmanuel Church
In-person and livestreamed
Ryan Turner, Pamela Dellal, and Pamela Werntz share a conversation on Bach’s greatest and most profound work, the St. Matthew Passion. How has the piece captured the fascination and passionate devotion of music lovers for so many years? How does it speak to us in the present day, and how does it connect us to past and future generations?

Saturday, March 23 10.00 am – 12.00 pm
St. Paul’s Campus, Cambridge MA
Michael Marissen - Swarthmore College
Co-Sponsored by Emmanuel Music and the Ratzinger Memorial Society
Michael Marissen, renowned authority on the music and spiritual vision of J.S. Bach, explores the text, musical rhetoric, theological framework, liturgical context, historical setting, and spiritual vision of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion. Lecture with recorded music, study of the text (to be handed out), and Q&A. Refreshments and lunch provided.

Paradox of Grace

St. Matthew Passion artwork
I was struck by the beauty of the music in BWV 244, St Matthew Passion, with its soothing qualities and sense of unburdening. I chose to paint an abstract crown of thorns filled with light in an effort to capture elements of the story in the music.

A. Zarinah Nuri, Paradox of Grace, 2024, 16 x 20 inches. Acrylic on wood panel.